2019 Aaron Demuth Memorial Alumni Game

2019 Blue & Red Teams


(L-R Front) Mike Baker, Ethan Gibbons, Joey Evans, Sean Price, John Lammon, Matt Burks, Joey Matthews, Khali Aird, Shawn Scibek

(L-R Back) Johnathon Villa, Mack, Bill Way, Jeff Matlock, Joseph Stofle, Gordie Clary, Ricky Alvalez, Timmy Landis, Anthony Pezzola, Jed Czajkowski, Trevor Steele, Brian Glosser, Dave Negron, Kim Cornist, Ben Crombie, Chris Wilhite, Sean Kelly, Ryan Adams, Jon Ray, Daniel Crombie, Price Kendall, Mark Foley, Chad Fortney, Eric Dakin, Nick Spini

2019 Aaron Demuth Memorial Alumni Game MVP


2019 MVP Anthony Pezzola with Red Team Coach Ben Crombie and Blue Team Coach Shawn Scibek

Brittany & Katie with Coach Sci


Brittany Scheunemann & Katie Woo deserve a special thanks for all their efforts towards a successful 2019 Alumni Game. Instead they got a selfie with Coach Sci. Sorry ladies.

2018 Aaron Demuth Memorial Alumni Game

2018 Red & Blue Teams


(L-R Front) Billy Way, Jason Lotridge, Joey Evans, Mark Foley, Steve Keeter, Martt Burks,Joey Matthews, Sean Price 

(L-R Back) Chadd Chatfield, Gordie Clary, Marty Nguyen, Daniel Crombie, Jared Carr, Anthony Pezzola, Jeff Matlock, Drew Chitwood, JD Poplin, Sean Kelly, Shawn Scibek, Ryan Adams, Price Kendall, Chris Wilhite, Chad Fortney, Joseph Stofle, Timmy Landis, Alec Moorhouse, matt Matt Smith, Ben Crombie, Dave Negron, Steven Stout, Nick Spini

Aaron's Number Retired


Wife Lindsey, Father Glenn and sons Aaron and Mason next to Aaron's retired number during the retirement cermony

Aaron's First Pitch


Little Aaron throws out the cermonial first pitch

Aaron Demuth Scholarship Winner


Cal Elvis throws out first pitch on behalf of his brother Cole Elvis, the 2018 Aaron Demuth Scholarship Winner

2018 Aaron Demuth Memorial Alumni Game MVP


2018 MVP Nick Spini with Red Team Coach Shawn Scibek and Blue Team Coach Ben Crombie

2017 Aaron Demuth Memorial Alumni Game


Aaron Demuth playing for his Chico State Wildcats


Tyler Bosetti & Demuth Family

Father (Glenn), Mother (Cheryl), Wife (Lindsey), and oldest son (Mason). Glenn threw out the first pitch.The family is with Tyler Bosetti (far right) who won the first ever Aaron Demuth Scholarship. Tyler will be heading to University Nevada Reno to continue his education and baseball career.


2017 Red & Blue Alumni

The Solano Mudcats started their 2017 season campaign with the Annual Aaron Demuth Memorial Alumni Game on Saturday June 3rd. After 9 strong innings of baseball, the Red Team versus Blue Team finished in a 8-8 tie! 

John Lammon 2017 Aaron Demuth Memorial Alumni Game MVP

The Solano Mudcats 2017 Aaron Demuth Memorial Alumni Game had a packed house and the game was full of action to the end! The Blue Team led by Player/Coach Shawn Scibek, jumped out to an early lead when Kim Cornist hit a RBI double to the right-center field warning track giving the blue team a 1-0 lead. The Red team, led by Player/Coach Ben Crombie, answered by scoring one run of their own in the second inning. Gordie Clary had a two RBI single in the third to help the Red Team take the lead. The Red Team continued to score runs as Clary had his second hit of the game. Brenden Farney, Price Kendall, and Mark Foley all had hits in the fourth inning helping the Red Team take a 8-2 lead. After all the excitement and adrenaline wore off the game settled down and the pitchers from both teams took control. The Blue Team's pitching staff consisted of Ryan P. Adams, Anthony Pezzola, Joey Evans, Kody Keroher, and Matt Burks. The Red Team's pitching staff consisted of Gordie Clary, Jonny Villa, Steve Keeter, Nick Voight and Chadd Chattfield. In the seventh inning the Blue Team caught their second wind and plated six runs on three base on balls, 2 hit by pitches and a couple hits. The Blue Team's offense was powered by John Lammon 2-3, 2B, 3RBI's, Kody Keroher 2-2, 2 runs, and Kim Cornist 1-3 2B RBI. All that action brought the score to 8-8 and it remained their through 9 innings. 

Photo: J. Karuzas